Thursday, December 31, 2009

Announcing EventMachine CouchDB (em-couchdb)

I thought it will be a good idea to end the year with a bang.. So here is the announcement for an awesome client for CouchDB based on EventMachine.

People who follow me on twitter (@sai_venkat) know that I am crazy about things like EventMachine, node.js, eventlet and NoSql databases. This is one of my attempts to dive into the NoSql world.

I was looking for clients for CouchDB in Ruby and found most to be using Net/Http and blocking in nature. So I began my quest of writing an asynchronous non blocking awesome EventMachine based CouchDB client inspired by EventMachine::Redis client.

Here is a sample code to enjoy... It creates a database, saves a document inside it, reads the doc, deletes it and then deletes the database.

require "rubygems"
require "eventmachine"
require "../lib/em-couchdb"

# Need to write test for updating doc...
# But before that write example test framework :)
# Also need to implement get all docs in db do
couch = EventMachine::Protocols::CouchDB.connect :host => 'localhost', :port => 5986
couch.get_all_dbs {|dbs| puts dbs}
couch.get_all_dbs {|dbs| puts dbs}
couch.get_db("test-project") do |db|
puts db["db_name"], {:name => "couchd", "description" => "awesome"}) do |doc|
couch.get(db["db_name"], doc["id"]) do |doc|
puts doc
couch.delete(db["db_name"], doc) do

The current version supports database manipulation like creation and deletion and document manipulation.

Looks cool but still there are things to improve (a lot of things actually). One to start off with is the Continuation Passing Style.

So the current response to em-couchdb from one of the committers of CouchDb is ...

"em-couchdb looks right-on. Streaming JSON parsing would let large views and docs be processed without memory bloat."

Please feel free to fork and contribute and happy hacking :).

The code is available at

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

ChromeWatir and FireDriver updates

Latest News - ChromeWatir is in github now.

I have finally managed to move ChromeWatir to Github at I was planning to move to Github as the first Watir project and now I am the last. Anyhow I am now working towards using Chrome's test framework to make the integration with Chrome more stable.

The other project I have been working on is FireDriver (FireWatir + WebDriver). If anyone is wondering why I am doing this please read my blog post on this. In short, this is an attempt to replace the legacy Jssh code with something stable and I am using WebDriver's XPCom based core to do it. The code is at

If anyone is interested in contributing, please feel free to fork :).

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Paranamer 2.1 released

Paranamer gives you a String array of parameter names for a Java method:

Method doFoo = Foo.class.getMethod("doFoo",
String.class, String.class);

String[] paramNames
= paranamer.lookupParameterNames(doFoo);

It is very embeddable and can either retrieve this parameter information from a class' debug tables, or from an added static field (added by QDox and ASM).

If you are writing a Java IDE, as web-framework, a SOAP transport, a DI Framework (etc), you are going to want to depend on Paranamer (and maybe consume the 27K or less of bytecode into your jar using JarJar or Maven's Shade).

This release updated QDox and ASM dependencies and added a NullParanamer implementation (NullObject pattern).

See the project site.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

QDox 1.10 released

QDox parses Java source (much like Javac does) but spits out an object model rather than bytecode and does not process method bodies.

QDox remains widely used, and a very neat demonstration of highly decomposed Java project. It is beautifully tested with small snippets of Java code, making tests very readable.

Since Robert Scholte came on board as a committer, QDox has seen it's outstanding feature requests and bugs reduced with each release. The latest is 1.10 leaving only a couple of outstanding minor bugs and a few requests and tasks for the team.

With the next release we may clear both remaining bugs, and leave only a wish-list for a 2.0 version.

Check out the project site

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

CruiseControl.rb 1.4.0 released!

We are happy to announce the release of CruiseControl.rb 1.4.0. This release adds support for three distributed version control systems - Git, Mercurial and Bazaar - in addition to Subversion.

CC.rb remains easy to install, pleasant to use and simple to hack. Since the source has now moved to a git repository, it is easier than ever to fork and contribute. We're looking forward to your pull requests!

Downloads are available from both Rubyforge and Github.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Announcing a new release of SWTBot

You can download the latest and greatest from the SWTBot download page.

A listing of some of the new features available:

Bug 263036 - SWTBot finally has an icon that was missing since two years!
Bug 269919 - Added support for toggle buttons
Bug 271246 - Better support for handling editors. This should serve as a good start towards providing support for multipage, forms based editors
Bug 271132 - Using Display#post() to support sending native click events instead of fake events. This is still work in progress and not all widgets support native events yet.
Bug 273624 - Use native keyboard events for typing. SWTBot currently defaults to using AWT robot. SWT's Dispay#post() is available as well -- it is however buggy across platforms and swt versions. Since SWTBot uses native keyboard events, it needs to understand various Keyboard Layouts.
Bug 267189 - Support capturing screenshots of widgets.
Bug 277093 - Support for Link widgets.

There are also a lot of minor bugs that were fixed in this release.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Selenium 1.0 released!!

Well, something that ThoughtWorks started about 5 years ago is now reaching the formal & final 1.0 state.  It is of course already an open source success despite being not 1.0 yet.  

We have had some 20 ThoughtWorks staff work on it over the years, and as many non-ThoughtWorks folks, but principal amongst developers is Jason Huggins who started "Selenium Core" in 2004 when he was at ThoughtWorks.

To herald this wonderful moment, we also have a new documentation set, that is a 10x improvement over the previous set, and has been almost entirely contributed by the user community.

Going forward the Selenium team thinks it will get busy with 1.0.x and 1.x releases, not withstanding the effort already in place for Selenium 2.0 (nee WebDriver) also by a former ThoughtWorker, Simon Stewart. 

There is a Meetup  event in play right now. Watch out for Twitter tags #sfse and more formal event snapshots and write-ups. 

Saturday, March 14, 2009

CruiseControl.NET 1.4.3 Released

CruiseControl.Net 1.4.3 is packaged up and waiting to be downloaded from SourceForge:

There have been bucket loads of improvements. The highlights:
  • New ccnet.config validation program
  • Source Control errors during GetModifications will now fail the build
  • Email Publisher has been improved again
  • Breakers of a build are listed on the Dashboard and in CCTray
  • Custom Icons now work in CCTray
  • Dashboard Improvements
  • Console/Service Improvements
  • Svn and Cvs updates

More details are available from the release notes:

I want to once again thank your for all your support. It's your questions, bug reports, suggestions and of course patches that make this all possible. The next release, 1.5, is going to have some big features that many people have asked for over the years and the team is very excited about bringing it to you.

Dave Cameron
CruiseControl.NET -
Twitter: @davcamer

Thursday, February 19, 2009

ChromeWatir 1.5.0 Released

I am happy to announce that we have released a new version of ChromeWatir. You can get the gem or source from the project page. We have been working on it for quite sometime and it is me whom you should blame for doing a long spike on Chrome AutomationProxy which I did not complete till now :).

What is new in this release

  • Support for table and file field elements
  • Support for Element Collections like links, images, etc.
  • Refactoring and fixing defects in launcher code.
ChromeWatir is still in alpha but we have got some really good feedback and support make it better. Thanks for everyone who helped and encouraged us.

Now that we are done with the release, I think it is time to start working on C++ code to use AutomationProxy for the next release now ;).

Saturday, January 31, 2009

QDox 1.8 released

QDox with 1.8 released moments ago, is much closer to being a perfect Java 5 citizen now.

New committer Robert Scholte was very busy with a backlog of patches, and fix-ups of his own, and things are looking good for the remaining 12 outstanding issues. Resolving even the very-niche issues and feature requests for the next release is a distinct possibility.

Here are the changes since last release.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

PicoContainer and PicoContainer-Web releases

PicoContainer has been upgraded to 2.7, and PicoContainer-Web has been upgraded to 2.2

The newest piece is 'PicoContainer-Web Remoting' (PWR).  Ideas that were pioneered in Waffle some years ago have been reborn as a separate framework for directly calling into scoped components over HTTP.  Objects essentially get URLs, including their method names.  The results of method calls are turned into JSON transparently. Parameters to methods are matched by parameter name.  Read more about it here

You can use it on its own, or with Struts 1/2, or WebWork 1/2

There are many similarities to recent editions of Spring MVC, and Direct Web Remoting (DWR) of course.

ChromeWatir new release is available!!!

It just feels like yesterday... And now we have a new release of ChromeWatir-1.4.0.

Whats new in this release?

  • Support for element containers like frames, SPAN, div.
  • Refactored the locators and made them better :)
  • More test coverage and improved doc. (Check out the wiki)
This release has been quicker than we expected but a good one. Get the downloads from the project page.

Future releases... They are quiet far ;). We have lots of things planned. Using the Automation Framework of Chrome is one of them. Compatibility with Watir API, support for table and element collections are also in the list. If you have anything in mind, add it to the wish list we will be putting up in the wiki soon.

I also added the ChromeWatir page in the Watir wiki. Check out the page here.

Download the gem, install, use and let us know the feedback.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Selenium 1.0-beta-2 released

The Selenium team has released 1.0-beta-2 of Selenium Core and Selenium-Remote Control yesterday.  ThoughtWorks is of course proud to have started Selenium and to see many more committers helping us on the project these days.  It could be that 1.0 final is released soon, then we can concentrate on Selenium 2.0 (yay!). 

Read the news page at SeleniumHQ

Monday, January 12, 2009

Announcing ChromeWatir release 1.0.0

I am happy to announce that the first version of ChromeWatir has been released today. ChromeWatir gives a way to test web applications in Google Chrome browser. It follows a Watir like API though there are a few differences we are trying to iron out. Please visit the ChromeWatir Google code website for more details

We are in the process of making it better by stabilizing it as well adding more functionality like containers and elements support. Details about the next release will be put into the wiki once finalized.

The first release is available as gem in the downloads page.
As well the source can be checked out through SVN. Please see the source tab of the project for more information.