Friday, May 29, 2009

Announcing a new release of SWTBot

You can download the latest and greatest from the SWTBot download page.

A listing of some of the new features available:

Bug 263036 - SWTBot finally has an icon that was missing since two years!
Bug 269919 - Added support for toggle buttons
Bug 271246 - Better support for handling editors. This should serve as a good start towards providing support for multipage, forms based editors
Bug 271132 - Using Display#post() to support sending native click events instead of fake events. This is still work in progress and not all widgets support native events yet.
Bug 273624 - Use native keyboard events for typing. SWTBot currently defaults to using AWT robot. SWT's Dispay#post() is available as well -- it is however buggy across platforms and swt versions. Since SWTBot uses native keyboard events, it needs to understand various Keyboard Layouts.
Bug 267189 - Support capturing screenshots of widgets.
Bug 277093 - Support for Link widgets.

There are also a lot of minor bugs that were fixed in this release.

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