Wednesday, January 20, 2010

JBehave 2.4 released

JBehave continues to push forwards. This time with a 2.4 release, we have better output from scenario runs, new statistics gathering and reporting, and steps classes themselves can now optionally be POJOs (there had to extend a base class before). It is mostly non-ThoughtWorkers and ex-ThoughtWorkers steering JBehave now, but we still remain involved with each release contributing things that are important to us. See the release notes. Great work gang!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

QDox and Paranamer releases

QDox's backlog of issues has been reduced by a decent percentage again by Robert Scholte and it has been released as version 1.10.1. Joe Walnes (who started the project) suggests that Robert becomes lead going forward. Codehaus encourages this sort of thing, and Robert has been defacto lead for much of last year. See the road-map for more information on where QDox is heading.

Paranamer 2.2 has been released too. It often follows QDox as one of the sub-modules uses it. This time though there's a new functionality too. There is a new implementation called AnnotationParanamer that can leverage the @Named annotation of JSR 330 for parameter name data. By nesting Paranamer implementations, you can allow @Named to override the natural parameter name of the method or constructor selectively. Paranamer has also dropped JDK 1.4 compatibility. Strictly speaking it could have remained mixed-mode 1.4 and 5.0 compatible, but by now only laggards are stuck on 1.4, and the old versions of Paranamer are still available. It is a very niche project, but does push the Java bar a little. Enjoy!