Friday, May 29, 2009

Announcing a new release of SWTBot

You can download the latest and greatest from the SWTBot download page.

A listing of some of the new features available:

Bug 263036 - SWTBot finally has an icon that was missing since two years!
Bug 269919 - Added support for toggle buttons
Bug 271246 - Better support for handling editors. This should serve as a good start towards providing support for multipage, forms based editors
Bug 271132 - Using Display#post() to support sending native click events instead of fake events. This is still work in progress and not all widgets support native events yet.
Bug 273624 - Use native keyboard events for typing. SWTBot currently defaults to using AWT robot. SWT's Dispay#post() is available as well -- it is however buggy across platforms and swt versions. Since SWTBot uses native keyboard events, it needs to understand various Keyboard Layouts.
Bug 267189 - Support capturing screenshots of widgets.
Bug 277093 - Support for Link widgets.

There are also a lot of minor bugs that were fixed in this release.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Selenium 1.0 released!!

Well, something that ThoughtWorks started about 5 years ago is now reaching the formal & final 1.0 state.  It is of course already an open source success despite being not 1.0 yet.  

We have had some 20 ThoughtWorks staff work on it over the years, and as many non-ThoughtWorks folks, but principal amongst developers is Jason Huggins who started "Selenium Core" in 2004 when he was at ThoughtWorks.

To herald this wonderful moment, we also have a new documentation set, that is a 10x improvement over the previous set, and has been almost entirely contributed by the user community.

Going forward the Selenium team thinks it will get busy with 1.0.x and 1.x releases, not withstanding the effort already in place for Selenium 2.0 (nee WebDriver) also by a former ThoughtWorker, Simon Stewart. 

There is a Meetup  event in play right now. Watch out for Twitter tags #sfse and more formal event snapshots and write-ups.