Wednesday, September 30, 2009

ChromeWatir and FireDriver updates

Latest News - ChromeWatir is in github now.

I have finally managed to move ChromeWatir to Github at I was planning to move to Github as the first Watir project and now I am the last. Anyhow I am now working towards using Chrome's test framework to make the integration with Chrome more stable.

The other project I have been working on is FireDriver (FireWatir + WebDriver). If anyone is wondering why I am doing this please read my blog post on this. In short, this is an attempt to replace the legacy Jssh code with something stable and I am using WebDriver's XPCom based core to do it. The code is at

If anyone is interested in contributing, please feel free to fork :).

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Paranamer 2.1 released

Paranamer gives you a String array of parameter names for a Java method:

Method doFoo = Foo.class.getMethod("doFoo",
String.class, String.class);

String[] paramNames
= paranamer.lookupParameterNames(doFoo);

It is very embeddable and can either retrieve this parameter information from a class' debug tables, or from an added static field (added by QDox and ASM).

If you are writing a Java IDE, as web-framework, a SOAP transport, a DI Framework (etc), you are going to want to depend on Paranamer (and maybe consume the 27K or less of bytecode into your jar using JarJar or Maven's Shade).

This release updated QDox and ASM dependencies and added a NullParanamer implementation (NullObject pattern).

See the project site.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

QDox 1.10 released

QDox parses Java source (much like Javac does) but spits out an object model rather than bytecode and does not process method bodies.

QDox remains widely used, and a very neat demonstration of highly decomposed Java project. It is beautifully tested with small snippets of Java code, making tests very readable.

Since Robert Scholte came on board as a committer, QDox has seen it's outstanding feature requests and bugs reduced with each release. The latest is 1.10 leaving only a couple of outstanding minor bugs and a few requests and tasks for the team.

With the next release we may clear both remaining bugs, and leave only a wish-list for a 2.0 version.

Check out the project site