Tuesday, August 31, 2010

JBehave 3.0 released

The team is happy to announce the release of JBehave 3.0. This major milestone has been lead by friend of ThoughtWorks, Mauro Talevi (still no blog) and pushes the usability and nomenclature of JBehave quite a bit.

Read the announcement and release notes.

Summarizing the release notes a little: 7 bugs, 45 improvements, and 11 new features later, JBehave 3.0 is now happily a Git citizen, with repos mirrored from Codehaus to Github.

If thought of as a JUnit plugin (which is an over-simplification) JBehave 3.0 is perfect for "in the box" enterprise development now. Note also there are now plugins for Guice, Spring and PicoContainer to allow Dependency Injection to play a part in the composition of Behavior Driven Development (BDD) tests.

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