Monday, May 10, 2010

ProxyToys 1.0 released

Five or so years in development prior to the 1.0 moment, ProxyToys has finally shipped. Well it was perfectly usable in its 0.21 incarnation, but 1.0 makes ProxyToys fully JDK 5 compatible, and changes much more too:

  • Use JDK 5 language features.
  • Added builder classes for all toys (refer Martin Fowler's FluentInterface).
  • New FutureToy to run methods asynchronously
  • New PrivilegeToy to run methods as privileged actions.
In case you did not know, ProxyToys takes Java Classes/Interfaces and makes specialized implementations like NullObject, Pooled, Multicaster, Decorated. The project was first started by (now ex) ThoughtWorker Dan North, and pushed forward by many others since then.

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