Thursday, October 16, 2008

PicoContainer 2.6 + PicoContainer-Web 2.1 released

PicoContainer 2.6

From the relevant news page

New (since 2.5.1):
  • CompositeLifecycleStrategy supports a mix of LifecycleStrategies in one container tree
  • Method Injection changed to also allow a specific reflection method to be implicated
  • Reinjection added to allow components to be injected into a second time (reflection method injection only)
Changes (versus 2.5.1):
  • Permissions fix for AdaptingInjection
PicoContainer Web 2.1

From the relevant news page

New (since 2.0.1):
  • Above and beyond the capability of the web-technology in question (Struts/Webwork etc), actions can now require one or more of HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse and HttpSession to be injected.
ThoughWorkers involved: Paul Hammant. PicoContainer is worked on my many non-ThoughtWorkers too though!

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