Friday, January 11, 2008

Agile/OSS Presentation at ApacheCon 2008 EU

I'll be in Amsterdam from April 7 to April 11 for ApacheCon. The conference committee has graciously invited me to present at ApacheCon 2008 EU. Here's the abstract:

Where do Open Source and Agile Methods meet?
Come listen to one man’s tirade on the differences between his day job at an Agile consulting firm and his weekends with Apache and JBoss. Open Source and Agile are often preferred by the same people, but do they succeed or fail for the same reasons? This session compares and contrasts open source projects with agile projects along several key dimensions: team size, co-location, communication, feedback loops, testing, time to market, and leadership structure.


Sanin said...
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Sanin said...

i hope the presentation went well.
would you mind sharing the slides from it?

sanin dot saracevic at c360 dot com